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Hi, I’m John. I started making vegan milk chocolate after not being able to find any for my then 3-year old’s Christmas stocking. Over the years I’ve tried more formulations than I could count until I settled on the one I’m selling today. Im proud of my chocolate. It’s made with compassion and love for the earth and all of its occupants. 

Meet Your Cocoa

We currently purchase our beans from Zorzal Cacao, located on the 1,019 acre Reserva Privada el Zorzal Bird Sanctuary in the Dominican Republic. Reserva Zorzal is actively fighting deforestation by keeping 70% of it’s land wild and mitigating carbon through bio-diverse tree-planting. To date, 198 acres have been reforested.

Zorzal Cacao is USDA Organic and Direct Trade.


Allergen Info

We've done our best to limit common allergens in our chocolate while trying to get the highest quality vegan milk chocolate we can.

All of our chocolate either contains or is made on shared equipment with tree nuts. 

All our ingredients state "gluten-free" on their labels, but since we don't test for it we cannot claim that on our bars, nor guarantee that they are.

We don't use any soy or peanuts in any of our bars and do our best to source ingredients that are not cross contaminated. We cannot guarantee that any of our products are safe for those with serious allergies.