About Us

Hey there! I'm John. My journey into bean-to-bar chocolate making started after I couldn't find any dairy-free milk chocolate I liked for my vegan kids. After experimenting with countless recipes over the years, I've finally crafted the perfect one that I'm thrilled to share with you today. My chocolate is more than just a treat; it's a labor of love, made with care for our planet and everyone who calls it home.


Allergen Info:

We've worked really hard to minimize common allergens in our chocolate, aiming to deliver the best quality vegan milk chocolate possible. All our chocolates might have been in contact with tree nuts or made on equipment shared with them. We strive to use gluten-free ingredients and operate in a gluten and dairy-free facility.

While we do not use any soy and peanuts in all our bars and are careful about sourcing to prevent cross-contamination, we can't guarantee that our products are 100% safe for those with severe allergies.